A Lighting Project Ina Unique Restaurant in Reus

A Lighting Project Ina Unique Restaurant in Reus

The lighting of a restaurant is one of the elements that help to offer unique gastronomic experiences to diners.

A way of bringing comfort to all the people who, around a table, intend to do one of the most appreciated cultural acts in the entire world.

In addition, the lightrs of a restaurant are one of the points that can set it apart from its competition, offering an attractive and unique look.

Tailor-made lighting for a restaurant with a main ingredient: passion

Located in Reus, La Muela is a prestigious restaurant with a clear mission: to transport you with its cuisine to the Sierra de Cazorla.

A space built not only with good gastronomy but also from the family memories of its owners.

One of the most notable points of the space is its dimensions: 70 square meters of privacy.

On the other hand, its decoration in metallic pink and stone green tones transports us to another era, to a place where the senses merge with memory.

Integrated lighting with the interior design of the restaurant

The challenge of this project was to fully integrate the light into the space, making it appear that the light emanated from its walls lined with custom-made metal shelves.

To achieve this, we use linear LED Linear, also made to measure, combined with the Microscoop model from Tal, in black.

In this way we managed to integrate the light into the furniture, in a discreet way, without being able to detect, hardly, the technical artifice.

In choosing the LED shelves that are placed on the shelves, it should be noted that we chose this particular model because it came electrified and assembled from the factory, with special measurements, and this facilitated the design and installation on site.

Custom lamp for the restaurant

Another highlight of the project is the impressive lamp that the architects we collaborated with (Sánchez Guisado) had specially designed for La Muela, located right in the middle of the room, above the main table.

At Avanluce we were in charge of finding the spotlights that could be integrated into this spectacular decorative object.

We opted for some LED light pendants that gave the object the right prominence so as not to focus attention excessively, nor to diminish the importance of the space.

What were the main challenges of lighting this restaurant?

  • Make an appropriate product selection.
  • Look for a tone of lighting according to the chromaticisms and philosophy of the space.
  • Manage the creation of bespoke lighting for the shelves.
  • Create lighting that would distinguish La Muela restaurant as one of the best gastronomic proposals in Reus.

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