How to Effectively Use Social Media Marketing for your Business in Dubai

How to Effectively Use Social Media Marketing for your Business in Dubai

We are a car rental company based in Dubai, we used to manage our social media accounts without the help of an advertising agency. When we realized that we are too old dated and our page is not consistent and our followers are not engaging anymore, we have realized that there is something wrong and we needed an expert advice. 

We have contacted Code Guru to give us a helping hand and to guide us to the right direction. Our main purpose was to boost our social media engagement and to make our followers interact with our posts and stories. Since we are a rental car agency our main target was from 18 till 55+ people, so our audience is a wide. 

Code Guru create our social media strategy for the upcoming 3 months and pitched it in front of our CEO. As a car rental service, there is nothing to do with the advertising field, but we had an eye to the beautiful things. 

Code Guru were patient and explained all the confusing terminology, and also explained why a particular course of action was recommended by their side and for our type of business specifically. The team was very flexible and professional, they knew exactly what to do to boost our online presence. 

When Code Guru Social Media Marketing Agency handled our social media accounts, we had 11.2K followers with 1200 engagement per month, which was super low. They worked on our instagram layout, highlights, stories, visuals and content for 3 months, our followers jumped to 15.4K with 5486 engagement per month. This is not the end, we are working on improving our performance more and more, but as a start we can say Code Guru did an amazing job! 

We are receiving so many DMs, Facebook messages and even whatsapp chats to ask about our services, and we are mostly fully booked for the season. Handling your social media is not as easy as you think, you should always ask an expert to guide to the right direction because your social media is your brand face and it is very important to make it look sooo good to attract your customers and make them click that book now button!

We highly recommend Code Guru to you if you are looking to revamp your social media accounts and start a creative path to increase your online presence and reach wider audience.

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