Lighting Of an Albert Adria Winery Restaurant In Barcelona

Lighting Of an Albert Adria Winery Restaurant In Barcelona

The lighting of the Bodega 1900 restaurant

Good lighting for a restaurant is one that, in addition to conforming to the different regulations, consistently reflects the image that is intended to be conveyed, guarantees the diner’s sensory experience, and in turn ensures proper traceability of food.

In this article we explain the keys that our lighting studio in Barcelona followed to illuminate the Bodega 1900 restaurant, an old vermouth bar adapted to the new times, by the gastronomic genius Albert Adria.

Custom Restaurant Lighting 

Many factors converge in a good lighting project for restaurants. The philosophy of the business, the type of cuisine or the type of client, are aspects to take into account to shape personal, unique and charismatic premises.

Correct and studied sun chandelier will positively influence customer comfort . But apart from aesthetics and design, other elements such as visual quality, energy efficiency and security will be key to the project.

Our lighting studio was commissioned to illuminate the Bodega 1900 restaurant in Barcelona , ​​an innovative gastronomic corner in the emblematic Barcelona neighborhood of Paralelo.

Led by one of the greats on the culinary scene in our country, Albert Adrià, the restaurant is located in a 1900 building, specifically in an old vermouth bar , and its philosophy is based on reinventing this type of space, maintaining its spirit but providing a vanguard air.

Modern lighting of a classic wine cellar 

Following these parameters, we opted to incorporate innovative lighting that would remind us of a classic wine cellar, maintaining the essence of the concept.

The project was carried out together with the team of architects Sánchez Guisado, a team of professionals specialized in restaurant design.

It is a space of about 70 square meters, divided into three areas with different heights each.

Despite its traditional atmosphere, the restaurant had to convey an air of modernity and avant-garde, and this is where design elements play an essential role.

Tom Dixon lamps for restaurants

The weight of the last name Adriá within the gastronomic panorama is equated to one of the greats in the world of decoration: the British Tom Dixon.

His company is a leader in the design and manufacture of furniture and lighting, and his exquisite creations have been key in prestigious projects around the world.

Thus, the Glass Light Top and Glass Light Bead models by this designer preside over the central space of Bodega 1900 , made up like a forest of glass lamps.

Its light filters through a dense glass, offering subtle and magical lighting, a reflection of the vintage essence that the business breathes.

Restaurant interior dining room lighting

Likewise, in the interior dining room, suspension lamps from the Pressed Glass Light collection were installed, elegantly mixing the bowl, lens,

restaurant kitchen lighting

In the kitchen, very homogeneous lighting was sought, with electronic fluorescent downlights, to guarantee maximum visualization and correct traceability of the raw material.

and tube models, with the aim of creating a suggestive atmosphere.

In the Tom Dixon ranges, each light is unique and may present variations derived from its exclusive manufacturing system, an aspect that adds a plus of authenticity to the space.

Ceiling lighting with spotlight rails 

In order to create different points of light in the room, electrified rails with Haiti model LED spotlights from Indeluz were installed on the ceiling.

These spotlights are characterized by their small size, their anti-glare effect, and the possibility of projecting accent light or ambient light , depending on the needs of the moment.

In addition, to obtain maximum control over the setting of the space, a control system was enabled that regulates the intensity of light in the different phases of the service. Small details that add quality and exclusivity to the project.

Spotlights and technical lighting for the restaurant

Regarding technical lighting, linear LED systems with a very high color rendering were installed in the entrance area and under the shelves, where the product is displayed and handled.

In this way, we guarantee a correct and precise display of the dishes that are being shown to the public: Iberian sausages of the best brands, cheeses, olives, preserves, marinades and salted foods. Completed, of course, with a careful selection of wines and vermouths.

Apart from energy savings, they generate much less heat and do not cause fatigue to the professional’s eye.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about this ambitious lighting project, where every detail was taken care of and studied to give shape to this restaurant with a strong personality, which has a strong foothold in the gastronomic scene.

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