Tips for 5 Most Youtube Business Channels

Tips for 5 Most Youtube Business Channels

Many young people today are interested in financial issues and the global economic context. Thereby accumulating lessons learned to apply in their field of activity more effectively. Let’s take a look at the article Top 5 most useful business and finance YouTube channels.

1. Forbes

  • Channel opening time: May 23, 2006
  • Channel Author: Forbes
  • Category: News and politics
  • Number of subs: 1.05 million subscribers

Forbes is the YouTube channel of the most famous economic magazine of the same name in the world. The videos on the Forbes channel are only about 4-5 minutes. They help viewers learn about issues such as economic news of the week, and influential people in the world. And as well as success from the perspective of economists business,…

In particular, the videos are divided into many categories to help viewers easily find the content they want. Forbes Defined helps to learn economic terms, and Forbes Database includes videos of business statistics. economics, Forbes Features,…

2. Markets and Finance on Bloomberg

  • Channel opening time: May 3, 2017
  • Channel Author: Bloomberg
  • Category: News and politics
  • Number of subs: 986,000 subscribers

The Bloomberg channel specializes in posting videos that update the latest financial news and market analysis. Thereby giving viewers an overview of the global economic landscape.

Unlike Forbes, most videos on the Bloomberg channel are classified by economic sector. So viewers can understand the economic and political situation in the area they are interested in.

3. Entrepreneur

  • Channel opening time: October 10, 2008
  • Channel Author: Entrepreneur Media Inc.
  • Category: People and Blogs
  • Number of subs: 525,000 subscribers

An entrepreneur is an economic magazine in the US specializing in updating the latest economic news as well as startup trends of small and medium businesses. From there, businesses can consider implementing strategies such as launching discount codes and coupons to attract customers like Walmart promo codes 20% off, Home Depot $50 off $250 coupon.

The Entrepreneur YouTube channel also publishes videos with content from the magazine of the same name. And also adds many useful tips from experts, business experience, and fundraising, … Thereby, that viewers can I have learned many valuable lessons for myself.

In particular, the Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch series has passed 6 seasons, with content about the challenge of raising capital in just 60 seconds by taking the elevator. This is both entertaining and helps viewers learn presentation skills as well as help viewers. convince investors.

4. Inc.

  • Channel opening time: October 29, 2008
  • Channel Author: Inc.
  • Category: People and Blogs
  • Number of subs: 228 thousand subscribers

Inc. magazine’s YouTube channel. helping to convey tips, solutions, and experiences on business such as marketing, sales, human resource management,… From there, helping business owners and CEOs run their businesses more successfully.

Young people who want to start a business can also consult many unique ideas on this channel. As well as listen to successful entrepreneurs sharing about their startup process.

5. The Economist

  • Channel opening time: March 23, 2009
  • Channel Author: The Economist
  • Category: News and politics
  • Number of subs: 1.9 million subscribers

The Economist channel will upload analytical videos and update information on international law, finance, science,… Thereby helping viewers have a comprehensive view, complete and accurate on the global economic context.

In particular, The Disrupters series on The Economist channel will help viewers understand how major industries such as music, cars, travel, hotels, etc. are affected by the digital revolution. As well as the opportunity to reach out to big business players to see how they’re coping with these innovations.

Other business channels that you should refer to

Marie Forleo (707,000 subscribers)

Marie Forleo is best known for her New York Times #1 bestseller “Everything is Figureoutable”. At the same time, she is also the host of the famous online program MariaTV.

With the message “the world needs a special talent that only you have”. Each episode will help to discover your greatest potential and use your special talent to change the world. . Thereby adding energy and motivation to everyone with enthusiasm to start work every day.

Currently, Marie TV has more than 700,000 subscribers and regularly updates new videos with special guest appearances by celebrities such as Elizabeth Gilbert or Tony Robbins.

Brian Tracy (1.22 million subscribers)

Brian Tracy is an audio speaker sharing about successful individuals and businesses today.

Talks and seminars on business strategy, sales, leadership are conveyed strongly and convincingly by Brian Tracy. They help listeners to immediately apply in their field to achieve better performance. After watching, you will have useful knowledge in business, such as how to sell, discount strategies, how coupons are given to attract customers.

Brian Tracy’s YouTube channel, with over 1.2 million subscribers, is a valuable business resource that you shouldn’t miss.

FightMediocrity (1.53 million subscribers)

Malkhaz Geldiashvili, the owner of the best-selling business books on the market today. He has turned the contents of the book into an impressive, animated video.

His FightMediocrity channel now has more than 1.53 million subscribers. With succinct videos about the most important messages in each book, making it easier for viewers to remember them.


These are YouTube channels that help many young people to update financial issues and the global economic context. Thereby accumulating lessons learned to apply in their field of activity more effectively. Hope this article will bring you useful information and give you a more objective view.

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