Workzone – A Small Business Project Management Software

Workzone – A Small Business Project Management Software

Workzone is a project management software for small businesses. With features such as document sharing, it allows users to securely share files with the right people. It also offers email alerts for changes to files, approvals, comments, events and tasks. The program’s user interface allows you to locate everything within a project.


Workzone is a cloud-based project management software aimed at small businesses and teams. Its features include document management and collaboration. It also provides a big-picture view of all projects. You can group projects according to department, campaign, or client. Moreover, the project dashboard allows you to keep track of compilation statuses, stakeholder meetings, and more. All this information can be easily accessed and reviewed, making it easy to keep track of high-level progress.

The work area of Workzone can be customized to match the color scheme and branding of your company. It also gives you the option to create templates that can be easily copied to sub-brands. This helps you maintain consistency and efficiency.

Featured Highlights

Single Dashboard

There is a solitary venture dashboard on Workzone’s control center through which clients can see the improvement and status of every single continuous undertaking. It permits clients to survey their timetables, demands gatherings, and ensure all colleagues are in total agreement. Clients can see the master plan with only a single tick.

Task Records

Make dynamic plans for the day with the Workzone cross-project view. Everybody dealing with the undertaking can see the objectives they need to accomplish for some random day. They can refresh their rundowns and the progressions will reflect in every other person’s undertaking see as well. Project directors find it more straightforward to follow the progress and allocate new undertakings.

Underlying Formats

Workzone accompanies an assortment of venture formats that can be utilized to make another undertaking. Clients can save their customizations for some time in the future and duplicate them for comparable tasks. The product gives an outline of the undertaking plan starting from the very beginning date. It likewise has the choice to work in reverse from a cutoff time. With formats, groups can accomplish consistency in their cycles and keep up with a similar tone all through the association.

Small Business Project Management Software

Workzone offers a variety of project management features that can make project management easy for any small business. It includes a customizable Gantt chart, an all-projects dashboard, secure file management, group calendars, customized project intake forms, and time and expense tracking. Its user-friendly interface makes collaboration easy, while its integrated comments feature allows you to add comments directly to PDFs and images. It also offers advanced reporting and user permissions.

Workzone a Small Business Project Management Software offers three main plans. The Professional package starts at $34 per user per month. This plan is best for teams of more than five members and includes extra features. This plan includes a library of custom project intake forms and API access.

Features & Benefits of Workzone Software

Workzone is a project management software that provides its users with a central view of all projects and offers customizable project intake forms and personalized to-do lists. It also has an interactive Gantt chart and powerful reporting features. Its dashboard gives users high-level overviews of their projects and allows them to track compilation statuses and stakeholder meetings.

Workzone helps companies build effective project management processes and teams. The software also provides training and ongoing coaching to help users use it effectively. Workzone integrates with several industry-standard applications, including time tracking, accounting, marketing, CRM, and more. In addition, the cloud-based platform allows for automated e-mail reports.

Pros & Cons of Workzone Software

Workzone is an excellent small business project management software that focuses on collaboration, document management, time tracking, and customized reporting. This cloud-based solution is flexible and easy to use, and it can access through a web browser on both a PC and Mac. It also offers security and continuous backup, so your data is always safe. However, it isn’t the cheapest solution on the market, and its pricing is dependent on the number of users.

Workzone is a straightforward solution that can handle real-world business scenarios. It is easy to use and is well-suited for service agencies, marketing departments, and advertising departments. Workzone offers secure workspaces and allows users access to relevant project documentation. Workzone also lets users create templates for new products, marketing communications, and implementations, which increases consistency among projects. Additionally, it can keep users up to date through automatic alerts, so they can focus on specific projects.


Workzone is a cloud-based project management software that offers a variety of features to manage your projects. Its user-friendly interface allows you to create a customized list of tasks and guide your team in completing them. The software also provides real-time updates so you can inform all stakeholders of any changes. You can also see due dates, assign tasks to team members, and view who is responsible for each task. The software can be set up quickly and easily and has a trained support team to address any issues you may encounter.

Workzone focuses on functionality and collaboration, and its comment section under every task allows you to easily track conversations. The software also lets you view reports in a table, bar chart, or pie chart, making it easy to find what needs to be done and when. The software also helps you keep track of your budget and track project progress.

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